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Rates and Prices

  • All rates are current as of December 1st 2023

  • $4,000 Membership purchase fee (refundable upon resignation)

  • $500 Initiation fee   (non-refundable after initial 30-day trial period expires)

  • $85 Monthly dues

  • $130 Per Tach Hour

  • Formula for calculation of hourly rate: C172 - (10 X FUELavg) + $58 per hour (tach time, NOT hobbs time)* FUELavg = the average cost of fuel for the calendar month *Tach time, or tachometer time, on average is about 75% of hobbs time. Example: 1 hour hobbs time = ~45 minutes tach time. (The percentage WILL vary depending on average RPM for the particular flight.)

  • The Club's goal is to keep flying affordable.
    When fuel costs rise, the Club does its best to keep the hourly cost near $130/hour.

  • Instructor fee- varies by instructor (typically $40-$65/hour)

  • NOTE: We apologize, but we are not currently accepting student pilots. Please check back in the future.

  • All fees are 100% refundable during initial 30-day trial period. You only pay for the time you flew, if any (See Bylaws for details)

  • Payment Methods: 

"We are all owners. I have my own keys to the plane, gate pass for the tiedown, and access to the flight planning area."

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